BI Integration (via CSV)


External data integration collects information from client (usually a BI system), and displays it on Bidalgo UI. The data can be linked to existing columns, like revenue, payers and transactions, or to new ones.

The following guide will walk you through the steps for configuring the file-

File characteristics:

  • File should be CSV, not an Excel file.
  • Date field should be included. It represents an install date.
  • Ad ID is the preferred identifier, as it provides the highest resolution data. If higher level than ad_id is selected, the sent values will be populated randomly to a lower level:
    For example, if an ad set contains 5 ads, and the external data is in the ad set level, the data in the ad set level will randomly be displayed in one of the 5 ads the ad set contains.
  • Please update your Bidalgo AM in advance which columns you will include in the table.

Example of external data file:

Sending the file:

  • File should be automatically sent to Bidalgo on a daily basis, and includes 90 days back.
  • Email address:
  • Email subject should be consistent. Please update your Bidalgo AM what is the expected email subject that will be sent.
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