Singular/Apsalar Apple Configuration

The following guide will walk you through the steps for enabling the integration between Singular and Bidalgo for Apple Search Ads.


Step 1 - Getting Started with Singular

  1. Log in to the Singular dashboard.
  2. Go to Attribution --> Partner Configuration and search for Bidalgo AppleSearch configuratio


You will not be able to continue with the integration until the integration between Singular and Apple Search Ads has been completed.


Step 2 - Configure Events

2.1 Select the relevant App.

2.2 Select to forward events "only if Install was attributed to Bidalgo".

2.3 Select all the relevant events to forward to Bidalgo.

  • If the event contains a value , such as a revenue event you will also need to mark the "Send revenue" checkbox.
  • Install event will be sent by default.



  • In case you configure custom events , please notify your account manager at Bidalgo.
  • For Attribution "bidalgo" must appear in the campaign name
  • for re-engagements the following checkbox need to be selected
  • To enable click only tracking, uncheck the "Enable View-through tracking" 
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