Bidalgo FB Self-Service Onboarding (SSOB) Instructions

With just a few simple and quick steps, you can create your Bidalgo account and start working with the platform.

Before opening the SSOB URL in your browser, ensure that:

  • You’re logged into a FB account linked to your Business Manager account – with Admin level access to the relevant FB ads account(s), app(s), and page(s) that you want to connect to Bidalgo.
  • The FB ads account(s) is/are associated with the relevant app(s) in Business Manager.
  • The FB ads account(s) has/have a valid payment method attached in Business Manager.

Step #1: Signup

Enter your login details (email and password), along with your full name and company.

Note: Your username (email) and password will be used to access the Bidalgo platform.
If for any reason you do not complete the onboarding flow, you can always access it again and continue from where you left off.

Accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Continue.


 Ensure that all the conditions are met, and then click I’m ready, let’s roll!


Step #2: Connect to Facebook

Click Connect to Facebook.


Select the FB account tied to your Business Manager, and click OK.


Step #3: Select Apps to Promote

Select all of the relevant apps you want connected to Bidalgo (different OS’s are listed as separate apps). Click Continue.


Note: If your app is missing, it could be due to a permissions issue on Facebook, or you may be logged in to an incorrect Facebook account. For additional assistance, click Why can’t I find my app?

Step #4: Configure Your Apps

Select the ad account(s) and page you want associated with each app in Bidalgo, and select your attribution provider from the drop-down at the bottom left of the screen. Click Approve.


Step #5: Completion

To import all existing FB campaigns (for accounts previously selected) into Bidalgo, select the Import Campaigns checkbox. To only import select campaigns, or to not import any campaigns at all, keep the box unselected. Click Complete!


When we import your account data, we bring in your campaigns, ad sets and ads – along with their statistics and all associated activity. To perform this import, make sure you have at least Advertiser permissions on the accounts that you want to import. You can verify your permission level using Facebook’s Business Manager.

Note that the 'Bidalgo_' prefix will be automatically added to all campaign names.


That’s It!

You’ve successfully created your Bidalgo account! By clicking Complete!, you will be directed to the platform’s login screen. If you choose to import your FB campaigns, you will be notified by mail when the import is complete.

To help you better establish an integration between your attribution provider and Bidalgo, you can also review our integration guides.

For any additional questions, you can contact Bidalgo’s Support team at:

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