AppsFlyer Google UAC Integration

Step 1 - Getting Started with AppsFlyer

  1. Log in to the AppsFlyer dashboard.
  2. Make sure that AF is already integrated with Google UAC


Step 2 - Locate Google UAC Customer ID

From your Google Ads account, copy the Customer ID (without hypens) from the top left-hand corner and paste it to the AppsFlyer Ads Customer ID parameter as shown in the screenshots below.

Step 3 - Partner Configuration

Locate Bidalgo - Google Adwords integration under integrated partners.


  1. Click Activate Partner 
  2. Enter Google UAC Account ID (without hyphens). Multiple accounts can be separated by a comma
  3. Enable In-App Events Postback and select to add manually the relevant events. Please note that the following events are typically added:
    1. af_purchase - don't forget to select to send Value
    2. Login
    3. af_level _achieved 
    4. af_app_opened



For Appsflyer integration, please refer to:


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