Providing Facebook Business Manager Permissions


For Bidalgo to perform actions on a client's account, we need to have certain permissions in place. The document below goes over the steps needed to provide Bidalgo with the required permissions. 


Step 1: Authorize Ad Account IDs

In the App Dashboard, click on 'Settings' , then 'Advanced' and then scroll down to the Advertising Accounts section. In this section make sure your Account ID is added under Authorized Ad Account IDs. 



Step 2: Providing Bidalgo App Permissions

In the “Assign Advertising Partner” box, enter the Bidalgo Business Manager ID 654932351254628 and then click ‘Confirm’.

1. Find your app and click Assign Partner and Enter Partner ID 654932351254628 and click Next.



Step 3: Assign Bidalgo as Your Account Partner 

  1. Locate your account and Click on  'Assign Partner'.
  2. In 'Role', choose 'Ad account advertiser' and in the Business ID tab insert 654932351254628, then click Connect.


Step 4: Provide Bidalgo Access to Your Page

  1. Locate your page and click on 'Assign Partner'.
  2. In 'Role', scroll choose 'Page advertiser' and in the Business ID tab /insert 654932351254628, then click Next.


Step 5 (Optional): Provide Bidalgo Access to Your Instagram Account

Follow the steps below.

  1. Access
  2. Locate your Instagram account and click on it.
  3. Click Assign Partner.

  4. Insert Bidalgo Business ID 654932351254628 and click Confirm.


Step 6: Make Sure the App Platform is Defined

To make sure the relevant platform is defined in the app, go to App Settings→Basic.


  • Bundle ID is your app ID ( can be found in Itunes connect under app information , it should have the following format com.domain.applicationname
  • iPhone Store ID and iPad Store ID (optional) can be taken in your iTunes Connect dashboard after your app is published 


  • Google Play Package Name is your Identify key - can be found in google Play URL
  • Class Name is constant with com.simicart.core.MainActivity



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