Tenjin Facebook Configuration

The following guide will walk you through the steps for enabling the integration between Tenjin and Bidalgo.

Step 1 - Basic Tenjin Configuration

Prior to enabling the Tenjin Bidalgo integration , please make sure that the Facebook measurement module was configured.



Step 2 - Configure Postbacks 

Tenjin-certified postbacks allow Tenjin users to send a real-time feed of installs and in-app events to Bidalgo. 


Step 2.1 - Install Postback

The Install event does not require any configuration in the SDK.

  1. To configure an install event postback, click on + New CallBack.
  2. Enter the following: 
    1. NameBidalgo - Facebook - Install


    2. Make sure the below is selected and click Save Callback.


Step 2.2 - Purchase Postback

Follow the above steps but make sure you select the Facebook - Bidalgo - Purchase event template.

Please note that if you want the event to be presented in the default "revenue" column in Bidalgo , the name of the event should be "purchase" or "deposit".

If you want the event value to be presented in a separate column, please discuss the event name with your Bidalgo Account manager. 

Unable to Locate Purchase Events

If you are unable to locate the purchase event, please check the Tenjin SDK Integration Guide on how to add new events: https://www.tenjin.io/dashboard/docs.


Step 2.3 - Custom Events Postbacks

Select the Bidalgo - Facebook - Custom Event template.

Enter a value for the custom event to be forwarded to Bidalgo.


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