Apple Bidalgo Setup

The following guide will walk you through the steps for granting Bidalgo access to your Apple Search Ads account.


Company Details

In order to publish campaigns in Apple Search Ads, Apple requires providing them with company details. In addition these details will appear in the invoice you will receive from Apple.

Please provide us with following:

  • Client Name
  • Campaign Order Number - which will appear on each campaign 
  • Buyer Name + Buyer Email
  • Billing Contact Email - can be found in Account Settings ->Billing ->Billing Email 


Generate Certificate 

  1. Log in to your Apple Search Ads account.
  2. Choose the relevant account and go to your account settings:
  3. Select the API tab and then click ‘Create API Certificate’.
  4. Enter the following details and click the ‘Create’ button:
    1. API certificate name – The name of the certificate - e.g Bidalgo
    2. Choose ‘Account Admin’ option and click Create.
  5. Select the created certificate and download it.
  6. Send your account manager the certificate by email.


Please note that you can also create a campaign access only campaign. See instructions below


    1. Choose ‘Campaign group access’, the relevant campaign group, the Campaign Manager role option and click Create.



Apple Search Ads Account ID

We need to get the group ID, when there is no use of groups the ID is the account id.image2017-7-16_16-25-4.png

When there is a single group per account, navigate to top left corner and copy the account ID.



When there is a use of group structure we need to get the relevant group ID.





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