Adjust Pinterest Configuration


Adjust is integrated for Bidalgo Pinterest campaigns.


You will need to:

  1. Go To  "Partner Setup" --> "Add partners".
  2. Search for Pinterest and click '+'image2017-8-29_12-39-58.png
  3. Create a tracker tag – view a guide through these steps here.


Once you complete the setup on Adjust make sure to send your Bidalgo contact your track URL.


  1. Send Bidalgo the revenue event token. For example in the image below the token for purchase event is:image2017-8-13_15-37-56.png
  2. Make sure revenue forwarding is enabled.
  3. If you would like to send Bidalgo additional revenue events, see how to set it up in Adjust here. Send your Bidalgo contact the token/s you have created.



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