Appsflyer Apple Search Ads Configuration

The following guide will walk you through the steps for enabling the Apple Search Ads integration between AppsFlyer and Bidalgo.


Step 1 - Enable Integration Between Appsflyer and Apple

  1. Log in to the Appsflyer dashboard.

  2. Follow AppsFlyer instructions to enable Apple Search Ads attribution.


Step 2 - Locate Apple Search Ads Campaign Group Name

Locate the name of the Apple Search Ads Campaign Group from Apple Search Ad platform.

  1. Log in to Apple search ads.

Locate the relevant Campaign Group Name on the top left, in the example below its "Test Campaign Group".

Note down the Campaign Name (NOT the campaign ID).

NOTE: If the Campaign Group name has the same ID as the Apple Search Ads account (appearing in the upper right-hand corner), use the Account Name (also in the upper right corner) and not the Campaign Group name.


Step 3 - Configure Appsflyer Bidalgo Integration

Locate the Bidalgo - Apple Search Ads Marketing Partner under integrated partners.



1. Enter the name of the Apple Search Ads Campaign Group.

Please Note that AF does not support spaces/spacial characters in the Apple Search Ads Group name. Underscore ('_') is supported.

2. Enable In-App Events Postback and select to add manually the relevant events. Please note that the following events typically added are:

  1. af_purchase - don't forget to select  to send Value
  2. Login
  3. af_level _achieved 
  4. af_app_opened



Campaign name is irrelevant for Apple, and as such there is no need to name the campaigns as "bidalgo_".

If the advertiser or the agency has disabled attribution for Apple Search Ads, attribution for this app, including sending the postbacks to Apple Search Ads Marketing Partner campaigns, will not work.

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