Appsflyer Apple Search Ads Configuration

Advertisers and agencies can work with Apple Search Ads Marketing Partners to report and optimize campaigns on Apple Search Ads. When configured, AppsFlyer sends postbacks to the configured Apple Search Ads Marketing Partner.


Step 1 - Enable Integration between Appsfyer and Apple

Enable Integration between Appsflyer and Apple

  • Advertisers: - follow the instructions here on how to enable attribution for Apple Search Ads

  • Agencies: - follow the instructions here on how to enable attribution for Apple Search Ads

Follow Appsflyer SDK integration Guide 

  • IOS SDK integration need to include iAd.framework


Step 2 - Configure Appsflyer Bidalgo Integration

  1. Click Integrated Partners on the left sidebar
  2. Search For Bidalgo Search Ads 
  3. Locate the name of Apple Search Ads Campaign Group from Apple Search Ad platform
    1. Login to Apple search ads
    2. Locate the relevant Campaign Group Name on the top left , in the example below its "Test Campaign Group"

    3. Note Down the Campaign Name ( NOT the campaign ID)

      NOTE: If the Campaign Group name has the same ID as the Apple Search Ads account (appearing in the upper right-hand corner), use the Account Name (also in the upper right corner) and not the Campaign Group name.

  4. Enter the name of the Apple Search Ads Campaign Group
    Please Note that AF does not support Spaces/spacial characters in the Apple Search Ads Group name. Underscore ('_') is supported


Step 3  - In-App Events Configuration

  1. Select sending 'Only [marketing partner name] - Apple Search Ads Marketing Partner attributed installs’ in-app events
  2. Click + Click to add in app event mapping and map the events you want to send to the Apple Search Ads Marketing Partner

If the event has a monetary value, such as purchase, select Send Value to send the value to the Apple Search Ads Marketing Partner.



Campaign name is irrelevant for apple, as such there is no need to name the campaigns as "bidalgo_"

If the advertiser or the agency has disabled attribution for Apple Search Ads, attribution for this app, including sending the postbacks to Apple Search Ads Marketing Partner campaigns, will not work.


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