Singular/Apsalar Snapchat Configuration

The following guide will walk you through the steps for enabling the integration between Singular and Bidalgo.


Step 1 - Getting Started with Singular

  1. Log in to the Singular dashboard

Goto Attribution --> Partner Configuration and search for Bidalgo (Snapchat)


You will not be able to continue with the integration until the integration between Singular and Snapchat has been completed.


Step 2 - Configure Events

2.1 Select the relevant App


2.2 Select to forward events "Only if install was attributed to Bidalgo"



2.3 Select all the relevant events to forward to Bidalgo

  • If the event contains a value , such as a revenue event you will also need to mark the "Send revenue" checkbox
  • Install event will be sent by default


  • In case you configure custom events , please notify your account manager at Bidalgo.
  • For Attribution "bidalgo" must appear in the campaign name
  • For re-engagements are not supported with Snapchat
  • To enable click only tracking, uncheck the "Enable View-through tracking" 
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