AppsFlyer Facebook Configuration

The following guide will walk you through the steps for enabling the integration between AppsFlyer and Bidalgo.

Step 1 - Getting Started with AppsFlyer

  1. Log in to the AppsFlyer dashboard.
  2. Add your app to the AppsFlyer dashboard
  3. Download and integrate the relevant SDK:
    1. Android SDK
    2. iOS SDK


Step 2 - Create a Campaign

Once you have registered your app with AppsFlyer, you’ll need to set up a campaign in the dashboard.

To do so, click the app that you want to advertise or select Overview from the drop-down menu.


Step 3 -  Integrated Partners

Locate Bidalgo - Facebook Marketing Partner under integrated partners

bidalgo_facebook3.gifStep 4 - Integration Options

4.1 - Install Events

In order to enable post backs of installation events to Bidalgo, enter the Facebook mob_channel in the Bidalgo Configuration screen, as shown below. We recommend using the following format: <company Name>_<App Name>_<Platform>.

for example: 

  • IOS - Piedpiper_thebox_ios
  • Android - Piedpiper_thebox_android


4.2 Purchase Event

  1. To send Bidalgo in app events, click the  In App Events tab in the Bidalgo Configuration screen.
  2. Enter the same Facebook mob_channel that was defined in the Install Events section above.
  3. Turn on the Send in-app events to Bidalgo button.


  1. Click on the + to add the purchase event

  2. Next, click the + to add the purchase event.

  3. Map any other SDK Events you want to send to Bidalgo. Note that you can add as many SDK events as you want by clicking +Click to add in app event mapping.

  4. Click Save and Close.



1. "Map all SDK events"

If you like to forward Bidalgo s2s events, do not select the "Map all SDK event option"
in order to map s2s Uncheck the "Map all SDK events" checkbox and map all the required event one by one

2.Unable to find Purchase Event

If you are unable to locate the purchase event it means that you have not configured the Appsflyer SDK to send these events. In order to configure it, follow the instructions at:


Step 5 - Permissions

  1. To connect your app to Bidalgo's account, go back to Integrated Partners screen and select Bidalgo
  2. click the Permissions tab and switch the Grant Partner Access button to On.

2. Click Save & Close.


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