Adjust Facebook Configuration

The following guide will walk you through the steps for enabling the integration between Adjust and Bidalgo.

Step 1 - Getting Started with Adjust

  1. Log in to Adjust.
  2. Follow the steps in the Getting Started Guide.

Step 2 -  Adjust Access

In order to for us to provide optimized performance together with seamless integration, we strongly advise providing Bidalgo with Facebook Analyst permissions to Adjust Dashboard. steps can be found here - 

Step 3 -  Partner Setup

Select the relevant app and click on Partner Setup




Click "ADD PARTNERS" and search for Bidalgo


  1. Enter Channel Name with the following format : <company Name>_<App Name>_<platform>_Facebook
    • e.g.
      • PiedPiper_compressionMaster_ios_Facebook
      • PiedPiper_compressionMaster_android_Facebook
  2. click Event Linking
  3. Enable Revenue Forwarding
  4. If you use retention tracking - Enable Session forwarding 
  5. Click Save





 Install Event

Install Event does not require any specific configuration on the SDK. As such, it is enough to enable Bidalgo integration in order to start forwarding these events to Bidalgo. 

Purchase Events

For Event Linking, make sure you name all purchase events "purchase", as we did below in the Gadget Purchase event.


Make sure also that the Revenue Forwarding slider is set to On.






See here for the official Adjust documentation for the Bidalgo integration.

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