Adjust Facebook Configuration

The following guide will walk you through the steps for enabling the integration between Adjust and Bidalgo.

Step 1 - Getting Started with Adjust

  1. Log in to Adjust.
  2. Follow the steps in the Getting Started Guide.


Step 2  - Follow the Video Instructions


The following are some important clarifications regarding the video above.

 Install Event

Install Event does not require any specific configuration on the SDK. As such, it is enough to enable Bidalgo integration in order to start forwarding these events to Bidalgo.


Channel Name

When entering the channel name, we recommend using the following format: <company Name>_<App Name>_<Platform>. For example, Bidalgo_appmaster_Android.



Purchase Events

For Event Linking, make sure you name all purchase events "purchase", as we did below in the Gadget Purchase event.


Make sure also that the Revenue Forwarding slider is set to On.



Custom Events

In Event Linking, name any custom events you would like to forward to Bidalgo.

In the example below, we will send the 5thlevel event to Bidalgo and name it "level_reached".


We recommend adding the following events:

  1. 2nd /7th/30 day retention: This is important in order to track whether the user returns to the app. This could help predict the app’s future value and churn rate.

  2. Facebook Login: Shows whether the user logged in to the app with Facebook.

  3. Level Achieved: Shows which level the user is on.

  4. Complete Tutorial: Shows whether the user completed the tutorial.  



Unique Events

Please note that some of the above events might be unique. As such they should only be counted once (e.g., 2nd day retention). In order to configure unique events in Adjust, please follow these instructions.


Additional Documentation

See here for the official Adjust documentation for the Bidalgo integration.


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